The EFL warns before football can kick back

26 Apr

Defeated the league game in England In order to be able to come back and compete, one must pay attention to everyone's health and safety first. After the previous news may kick back in early June English Football League (NFL) premiere warned that The football game would probably not be able to kick back until sufficient testing was set up during the Covid-19 virus pandemic Previously, it was reported that Gentry Football League Planning to come back and kick back in early June By playing off-the-field, there are no people watching. However, the NFL insists that it wants to find a way to return to play as quickly as possible. But the most important thing is health and safetyThe NFL announced on Saturday 25 April that "It is clear that before the football kick back takes place. We must have appropriate test preparation for the participants. Including the guarantee that Will not have a negative impact on frontline workers, emergency services, league officials and clubs."The position of the AFL remains unchanged, which is to allow the 2019/20 season to kick back as fast as possible. Which must be as appropriate And depends on the guidelines recommended by the relevant staff Health and safety of people in the nation must come first. "

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